Want to make this world think differently.

Hi, I'm Prabhanjay Tiwari, not a writer just obsessed with writing.

Everyone has their own aspects. Likewise, I have mine. I’m trying to bring out some of the most interesting ideas I have about life as my life goes on. 

Prabhanjay Tiwari

Life isn’t fair, figure out a way to deal with it. Start doing the things you love. Read your own thoughts that will help you to reach to the success more faster.

What I Do

What do I do

Motivational Content

Basically, I want to motivate you all with my every content I post on social media or anywhere. 


This is the most difficult but lovely journey or work you can say. Writing books on mindsets and trending stuffs that are going on these days.


I like to write stuff about stuff – which is basically, anything that interests me that I think could probably interest you too.

Some Inspiring quotes


Instagram account on which I post motivational content regularly. And some undiscovered truths about mind. So make it very sure that you follow this account.