Want to make this world think differently.

Hi, I'm Prabhanjay Tiwari, not a Life Coach  Youtuber  Writer  Content Creator  Podcaster  just obsessed with all this.

Everyone has their own aspects. Likewise, I have mine. I’m trying to bring out some of the most interesting ideas I have about life as my life goes on. 

What Do I do


Since I have started using internet, my most of the time spent is on YouTube. I love YouTube. I post regular videos on YouTube about Life Coaching, Mind Hacks and many more.


Agree or not? Listening Knowledgeable Podcasts are way more better than new songs which are mostly meaningless. I just love to tell the truth behind everything that’s what I tell on my Podcast.

Life Coach

Everyone’s life is a journey. Journey in which we all know that it’ll end one day. But before it ends we have seen some dreams which we want accomplish. I can helpful to you in this.


I really love writing and I think I’m good at it. But before writing I am a reader. I write everything which comes in my mind or which can make an impact in anyone’s life.


I know you all will say Writer and Author are same. But Being a Author or writing a book is really hard than writing small contents on various platforms.

Public Speaker

This is what I have to try first but I say myself a public speaker because I believe that I can do it. This is what I have ever dreamt of. Speaking in public when everyone’s focus is on You.


Some Inspiring quotes


Instagram account on which I post motivational content regularly. And some undiscovered truths about mind. So make it very sure that you follow this account.